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Fred Whitton Cycling Mitts

Gear up for your next cycling adventure with the Fred Whitton Cycling Mitts – a tribute to one of the toughest sportives in the UK. Designed for cyclists who demand both comfort and performance, these mitts are your perfect companion for every mile.




Key Features:

  • Premium Materials: Crafted from high-quality, breathable fabrics that wick away moisture, keeping your hands cool and dry even during the most intense rides.
  • Ergonomic Design: Tailored to fit the natural shape of your hands, providing a snug yet flexible fit that ensures maximum comfort without restricting movement.
  • Enhanced Grip: The palm features strategically placed gel padding and a textured surface to reduce road vibration and improve grip, giving you better control and less hand fatigue.
  • Secure Fit: Adjustable Velcro straps allow you to customize the fit, ensuring the mitts stay in place no matter how challenging the terrain.
  • Durability: Reinforced stitching and robust materials make these mitts a long-lasting addition to your cycling gear, capable of withstanding the rigors of regular use.
  • Stylish Design: With a sleek and modern aesthetic, the Fred Whitton Cycling Mitts look as good as they perform, making you stand out on the road or trail.

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